60% Grenache, very concentrated, fresh and mineral, in deposit for 16 months on  lees, without having contact with oxygen to maintain freshness, minerality and youth. At the same time, the lees help make it more sweet and silky.

40% is from an old Carignan from the vineyards of Mas d’en Salvat, harvested at the beginning of November. It is an electric Carignan, with alot of colour and  a strong acidity that has made it possible to remain for 26 months in old barrels, in order not to mask the purity of the wine.

The wine has colour with a medium layer and a violet edging, which still denotes youth. The complexity in the nose and freshness are high with minerality of the terroir at first  followed by combinations of red and black fruits, combined with floral notes such as roses, violets and slight touches of balsamic candies.

In the mouth, it has the fineness and elegance typical of a great wine, with acidity typical of our region, which gives it a character and a considerable length.


Castell de Siurana Selecció de Costers

This aged wine has been made with fruit from the oldest Grenache and Carignan vineyards that our winery has.

It’s a red cherry wine, with a very intense layer. In the nose, the intensity is very high and has a great complexity appearing notes of coffee, black fruit and spices and also aromatic herbs. In the mouth, has a pleasant entrance, is bulky, with good body structure, the aftertaste is persistent and invites you to drink more.



Red wine made with Grenache (50%) and Carignan (50%).

Ruby red wine, bordered with violet tones. It has a very intense and elegant aroma that reminds you of red fruits, with notes of woodland, roasted vanilla and eucalyptus. In the mouth it is pleasant, with soft tannins, and a long and persistent aftertaste that makes you want another sip.


Les Troies blanc

Wine elaborated mainly from Macabeo (95%) and with the interesting contribution of pink Grenache (5%).

This white wine has a light green color with a crystalline appearance. On the nose the first impression is pleasant and intense. It has a fruity character in with notes of pineapple with syrup and citrus, among others. In the mouth is kindly, soft and fresh, with the presence of the previous fruity notes. It has a good balance that makes it soft but alive. Finally, its aftertaste is pleasant and persistent.


Les Troies rosat

Wine elaborated with Grenache (60%) and Carignan (40%).

This rosé wine presents a very lively and beautiful ruby red color, with a bright and clean appearance. The aroma is fresh and intense, very fine notes of red fruits appear like strawberries and raspberries. In the mouth, the first impression is very pleasant, soft, with a balance which highlights the freshness. The length is kind and pleasant.


Les Troies negre

Red wine made with Grenache (50%) and Carignan (50%).

Intense red color with a medium layer. On the nose appear fruity notes, basically of black and red fruit, and also balsamic. In the mouth it is round and gentle, and leaves a very pleasant freshness.


Castell de Siurana Garnatxa del Montsant

Made with pink Grenache, of which there are very few grapevines in the village of Cornudella de Montsant.

Orange-brown color. The aroma is very elegant, with notes of jam, quince and peach. In the mouth it is glyceric, sweet, with a good freshness that gives it an enclosed balance.



Castell de Siurana Ranci

Made with red Grenache with high alcohol content put out to oxidise for at least one year and then aged in wooden casks from other vintages.

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